2023 Lexus RZ Orange County


With a variety of charging options available, it’s simple to maintain your RZ’s charge. Level 1 charging* lets you charge your RZ with any standard, household 120-volt current. Higher-speed 240-volt Level 2 chargers* can be found at thousands of public charging stations across the country and can also be installed in your own home. To make the routine process of upgrading to a Level 2 as convenient as possible, learn how ChargePoint Home Flex can help you charge your EV in the comfort of your garage and Qmerit can connect you with a certified EV charger installer near you. And for ultimate speed, some public stations offer Level 3 DC charging* capability, which can add up to three miles of range per minute of charge under ideal conditions.*

*DC charging time will vary based on weather and other factors. DC charging times will increase as temperatures decrease below 50 degrees Fahrenheit, with significant increases possible at temperatures below freezing. DC charging more than three times within 12 hours also can significantly increase charging time and will require approximately six hours before high-speed DC charging can be resumed. Accessory use, battery level and condition, and charger specifications also can negatively affect charging times.


Electrified Lexus vehicles have been proving their durability for decades, and the RZ marks the next leap forward in advanced battery technology. Its high-density lithium-ion battery is expected to retain more than 90% of its capacity over 10 years, thanks to a series of measures to safeguard quality and performance, founded on our long experience of battery management technologies. It’s thinking that puts the driver first, to make every drive more enjoyable for years to come.


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