2024 Lexus RX350


Key Features Overview

  • Starting at $49,950 MSRP*
  • 3 Separate Powertrains:
    • 2.4-liter gas engine (275 HP / 317 LB-FT TQ) on RX 350 and RX 350 F Sport Handling models
    • 2.5-liter engine with hybrid system (246 HP / 233 LB-FT TQ) on RX 350h models
    • 2.4-liter engine with a larger capacity hybrid system (367 HP / 406 LB-FT TQ) on RX 500h F Sport Performance models
  • 8-speed shiftable automatic
  • EPA city/highway MPG: 22/29 MPG
  • EPA combined MPG: 25 MPG
  • Max Towing Capacity: 3,494 lbs
  • Max Payload Capacity: 1,398 lbs
  • Range in Miles (city/hwy): 391.6/516.2)
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 17.8 gal.
  • Fuel Type: Premium unleaded (recommended)
  • 9.8-inch infotainment screen with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay standard, 14-inch touchscreen available
  • Lexus Safety System+ 3.0
  • Lexus 12-speaker Premium Sound System with optional Mark Levinson PurePlay Surround Sound
  • Standard heated front seats
  • Optional Panorama glass roof
  • Optional Head-Up Display











About The New Lexus RX

The 2024 Lexus RX350 redefines luxury driving for residents of Orange County, Mission Viejo, Costa Mesa, Cerritos, Riverside, and South County. Engineered for excellence, the RX350 boasts a potent 3.5-liter V6 engine, delivering 295 horsepower for an exhilarating driving experience. Its 8-speed automatic transmission ensures seamless acceleration, providing agility and precision on every journey. The RX350 offers a driver-centric cabin with advanced technology, including the Lexus Interface system for seamless connectivity and intuitive controls. The interior combines luxury with practicality, featuring premium materials and ergonomic design. With the Lexus Safety System+ 3.0, the RX350 prioritizes safety, making every journey secure and enjoyable. Experience the pinnacle of luxury SUVs at Newport Lexus, where the 2024 Lexus RX350 awaits to elevate your driving experience.

2024 Lexus RX350 Intro

2024 Lexus RX350: Luxury Redefined at Newport Lexus, Newport Beach

Welcome to Newport Lexus in Newport Beach, where luxury and innovation converge with the introduction of the 2024 Lexus RX350. Designed to cater to the discerning tastes of residents from Orange County, Mission Viejo, Costa Mesa, Cerritos, Riverside, and South County, the RX350 is a testament to Lexus’s commitment to excellence.


2024 Lexus RX350 Performance

Performance: Power and Precision

The 2024 Lexus RX350 is a masterclass in performance engineering. Powered by a dynamic 3.5-liter V6 engine, it delivers an exhilarating 295 horsepower, offering a blend of power and sophistication. Coupled with an 8-speed automatic transmission, the RX350 provides seamless acceleration, ensuring a responsive and engaging driving experience. Whether navigating the bustling streets of OC or cruising along the scenic routes of South County, the RX350’s performance is tailored for those who seek a vehicle that commands the road with elegance and authority.


2024 Lexus RX350 Driving Experience

Driving Experience: Unmatched Comfort and Agility

Driving the Lexus RX350 is an experience in unmatched comfort and agility. The vehicle features a refined suspension system that provides a smooth, controlled ride, perfectly balancing comfort with responsive handling. The RX350’s driver-focused cabin, equipped with intuitive controls and ergonomic design, ensures an enjoyable and relaxed driving experience. Whether traversing the busy highways of Riverside or the coastal roads of Newport Beach, the RX350 delivers a driving experience that is both exhilarating and serene, making every journey a pleasure.


Features 2024 Lexus RX350

Features and Technology: Cutting-Edge and Practicality

The 2024 Lexus RX350 stands at the forefront of automotive technology. It features the Lexus Interface system, complete with a large, high-resolution touchscreen display, providing drivers with easy access to navigation, entertainment, and vehicle settings. Integration with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto allows for seamless smartphone connectivity, keeping drivers connected and informed. The RX350 also boasts advanced driver-assistance systems, enhancing safety and convenience on every journey. The interior of the 2024 Lexus RX350 is a haven of luxury and practicality. It is adorned with premium materials and craftsmanship, featuring plush, ergonomically designed seats that ensure maximum comfort. The spacious and elegantly appointed cabin offers ample room for passengers and cargo, while features like a panoramic sunroof, wireless charging, and a premium sound system add layers of luxury and convenience. For drivers in Cerritos and Orange County, the RX350 is not just a mode of transportation; it’s a statement of style and sophistication, providing a space that is as functional as it is luxurious.


2024 Lexus RX350 Safety

Safety: Advanced Protection

Safety is a paramount concern in the 2024 Lexus RX350, equipped with the Lexus Safety System+ 3.0. This suite includes advanced features such as a pre-collision system with pedestrian detection, lane departure alert, and adaptive cruise control. These technologies work together to provide a protective shield for you and your passengers, ensuring peace of mind on every journey, whether you’re commuting in Orange County or exploring the wider areas of Newport Beach. The RX350’s commitment to safety, combined with its state-of-the-art features, makes it a top choice for families and individuals who prioritize safety without compromising on luxury or performance.

2024 Lexus RX350 Conclusion

In Conclusion: Experience the 2024 Lexus RX350 at Newport Lexus

Newport Lexus in Newport Beach, CA, invites you to experience the 2024 Lexus RX350, a vehicle that epitomizes luxury, performance, and technological innovation. We welcome our valued customers from across OC, Mission Viejo, Costa Mesa, and the wider South County area to discover this exceptional SUV. With its dynamic performance, cutting-edge technology, luxurious features, and comprehensive safety, the RX350 sets a new benchmark in the luxury SUV market. Visit us at Newport Lexus to explore the 2024 Lexus RX350 and embark on a journey of sophisticated, exhilarating driving.

NEWPORT LEXUS - Newport Beach, CA

The Advantage of Newport Lexus

Newport Lexus is more than a dealership; it’s an experience situated in the heart of Newport Beach. It caters to discerning individuals in Orange County passionate automobile enthusiasts in Mission Viejo, dynamic drivers in Costa Mesa aesthetes in Cerritos vibrant adventurers from Riverside and tranquil travelers, from South County—all are invited.

Discover firsthand the blend of luxury, innovation and performance that awaits you with the 2024 Lexus RX350. Immerse yourself in a realm where engineering meets artistry—a place where every drive becomes a captivating story. At Newport Lexus we don’t simply offer cars; we curate experiences. Pay us a visit today. Witness the future of mobility with the remarkable 2024 Lexus RX350.

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