Signature Rewards


What are the benefits of becoming a Signature Rewards Member?
Complimentary Vehicle Washes Our Luxury Car Wash includes an interior vacuum, an all cloth exterior wash, window treatment both inside and out, professional hand dry and protective satin finish tire dressing. Please plan for 45 minutes to 90 minutes of wait time. Because your time and comfort is important to us, please enjoy one of our luxurious customer lounges complete with flat screens and direct TV programming, complimentary Wi-Fi, and gaming arcade, gourmet cafe and exclusive putting green during your stay.

Complimentary Lexus Loan Vehicles offered for Service Appointments exceeding 2 Hours of Labor. Airport Concierge Service with free overnight parking at Newport Lexus (parking available for up to 2 weeks, per trip).

How do I maintain an active, in good standing membership?
Service your vehicle at Newport Lexus every six months or every 5,000 miles as recommended by Lexus in your warranty and service guide and display Newport Lexus License plate frames or a Personalized Frame on the vehicle. Failure to service at Newport Lexus as previously stated will terminate your Signature Rewards Membership. Memberships that are not in good standing will no longer qualify for any of the Signature Rewards program benefits.

How long does the Signature Rewards Program last?
Our exclusive Signature Rewards program is offered to a select group of Newport Lexus vehicle owners and is available for up to 36 months of the vehicle’s purchase date. Pre-determined lease terms may also qualify. The purchase or lease amount of the vehicle must concur with Lexus regional, specialized pricing to qualify for the Signature Rewards program. ( Once your membership has expired, please ask your product and delivery specialist about your options.

Is my Signature Rewards Membership valid at any Lexus Dealership?
Our Signature Rewards Program is EXCLUSIVE to Newport Lexus.

How much does the Signature Rewards program cost?
Our Signature Rewards program is complementary to a select group of our Newport Lexus vehicle owners. The vehicle purchase or lease terms must concur with Lexus, regional, specialized vehicle pricing. ( Certified Pre Owned vehicles may also qualify under the Lexus listed price. Any purchase or lease below the manufactured suggested retail price would not qualify for our Exclusive Signature Rewards Program.

Do I need an appointment for a Car Wash?
An appointment is not required. Check out our hours.

What is the general wait time for the Car Wash?
Plan between 45 to 90 minutes of wait time. Because your time and comfort is important to us, please enjoy one of our luxurious customer lounges complete with flat screens and Direct TV programming, complimentary Wi-Fi, gaming arcade, putting green and coffee or bottled water during your stay.

How do I schedule my Airport Shuttle Service?
Call us at 949-477-7105 and let us know when you will be arriving at our dealership. The shuttle will depart for John Wayne airport 20 – 30 minutes after your arrival at Newport Lexus. Please allow yourself enough time to check in at the airport. Our airport shuttle runs M-F, 7:00am – 8:30pm (Mon-Fri last pick up is at 8:30pm), Sat 8:00am – 6:30pm and Sun 10:00am – 6: 30pm (Sat & Sun last pick up is at 6:30pm)

How long can I leave my vehicle in Airport Parking at Newport Lexus?
We will be happy to store your car in our secured parking garage for up to 2 weeks per trip.

Upon my return, how do I retrieve my vehicle?
Call (949) 482-6124 when you land and our airport shuttle service will pick you up at the shuttle pick up spot located on the ground floor at John Wayne Airport and drive you back to Newport Lexus. Our airport shuttle runs M-F, 7:00am – 8:30pm (Mon-Fri last pick up is at 8:30pm), Sat 8:00am – 6:30pm and Sun 10:00am – 6: 30pm, (Sat & Sun last pick up is at 6:30pm).

Will the Airport Shuttle service pick me up if my flight lands after regular business hours?
Transportation back to the dealership after business hours is not available; you will need to take a cab or make alternate arrangements. For Shuttle service hours please see the question above.

How can I retrieve my vehicle from Newport Lexus if my flight lands after regular business hours?
Call ahead during our regular business hours and we will make arrangements to have your vehicle waiting for you in front of our dealership. Your original key will be locked safely in the gas cap door and inaccessible without the presence of a 2nd key. For security purposes, you must bring a 2nd key to unlock your vehicle.

Do I need an appointment to have my vehicle serviced?
Yes, a service appointment helps us save you time and serve you better.
Please use our Newport Lexus mobile app (free in the app store) to schedule your next service appointment, email your service advisor or call our service department at 949-477-7105. Walk-ins will be accepted on a first-come, first served basis when a service advisor is available.

Is a loan vehicle provided during my service appointment?
A Complimentary Lexus loan vehicle is provided to guests for any service appointment that requires 2 or more hours of time. (An oil change or car wash does not require a loaner vehicle).

Restrictions apply to Newport Lexus Signature Rewards Membership Program. We reserve the right to modify or discontinue the program at any time without notice. Commercial use and UBER type vehicles are Not eligible for our Signature Rewards program.